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Guidance on getting access to the Referrals Gateway.

How to Sign In

  1. Pick your account if prompted. If you have multiple accounts listed, select your workplace account/workplace email address — this may be an account noted as Connected to Windows. Sign in to the account if prompted.
    Account selection prompt example
  2. You may be asked if you want to stay signed in — make your preferred selection.
  3. You will be prompted to approve the sign in request through the Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) method set up for your account.
    • If you set up the Authenticator app method, a prompt similar to this will appear on your workstation computer.
      The below number is an example only.
      Workstation approve prompt example
      Another prompt will appear in the Authenticator app on your mobile device. Enter the number shown and select Yes.
      Authenticator app approve prompt example
    • If you set up the phone/text method, a prompt similar to this will appear on your workstation computer.
      Workstation approve prompt example
      Select the Text +XX XXXXXXXXXX area (grey in the above example). A code will be sent to your phone. Enter the code into the prompt appearing on your workstation computer and select Verify.
  4. You are now signed in and will be redirected to the Referrals Gateway homepage.

Registration and Multi-factor Authentication Guide

Referrals Gateway Video Guides


Are you receiving the error "Access Denied"?

If you receive this error, you need to register for access.
Access denied message example

It is likely you previously registered with the CDPP Collaboration Platform, so after submitting your email address on the Register page and your access is automatically set up, you will see this status message appear.
Existing account ready message example

Sign in by clicking on the Sign in link in the message and use your previous login credentials. If you continue to receive an error, contact us.

Are you receiving an error with "User account does not exist in tenant 'Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions'" in it?

If you receive an error like this, you need to register for access. If you continue to receive the error after registering, contact us.

How to I reset my password?

Your password for the Referrals Gateway is governed by your organisation. This means your login uses the same network credentials you would use to login in your workplace.

If you require a password reset, please consult your organisation's guidelines, or contact your own IT Department for advice.

Resetting your MFA

  • How do I reset my MFA?
  • I have a new device, or I have reset my phone - what do I do?
  • I can't connect and the Authenticator app won't accept my normal credentials

For all of these scenarios, it is recommended to have your MFA reset. This includes new or lost devices, or connection issues.

To reset your MFA, please reach out to the Referrals Gateway helpdesk. The team will reset your MFA and contact you when complete.